Artist Series: Charlotte Kemp Muhl

Meet Charlotte Kemp Muhl, our Spring '20 Capsule muse and one-half of rock band The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger.


Check out her living room session recorded exclusively for For Love & Lemons.

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Describe your sound in three words:

70’s, futurism, orchestral


How does your style translate into your music and vice versa?

I'm trying to merge aspects I love about Ziggy Stardust-glitter, glam, platforms, cross dressing- with modern sci fi and slick lines and latex. I'm mirroring this past meets dystopian future hybrid in the musical production as well. Synths meets fuzz guitar, experimenting with layering tape drums and NIN style drums.


What inspires you to create?

Dead artists I love. Science. Great cinema- like Jodorowsky and David Lynch. A broken heart.


How do you stay creative while staying inside?

Quarantine is actually my natural state of writing and thinking. Been working on a rock opera.


Last song you listened to?

The new Fiona Apple record.


How do you wear your FL&L?

I love the feminine dresses paired with combat boots and big 60’s floppy hats.