Artist Series: Stela Cole

Meet Stela Cole, Atlanta-born and Los Angeles-based singer whose pop music style drips with doo-wop harmonies and hip-hop attitude.


Check out her living room session recorded exclusively for For Love & Lemons.

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Describe your sound in three words:

My sound in three words would be Spontaneous, authentic, and edgy.


How does your style translate into your music and vice versa?

My style is a combination of modern meets retro, and my music combines sounds of the 60’s/70’s with left of center pop production. They both feed into each other and evolve at the same pace… The more retro I present myself, the more vintage my music sounds. The more Motown/doo-wop I listen to and write, the more I dress the part. It’s all about feeling put together and being unapologetically myself from the inside out.


What inspires you to create?

As simple as it may sound, life is what inspires me to create. All of my music comes from real experiences that make me feel extreme emotions… heartbreak, feeling misunderstood, falling in love, exploring new places, building relationships, failure, success… My inspiration comes from living life, and each situation I’ve been through helps me grow and evolve as an artist.


How do you stay creative while staying inside?

I think the number one thing helping me stay creative while staying inside is listening to music. Music that brings back memories from my past, music that has influenced the artist I am today, and music that makes me feel at peace and helps me forget about all the craziness going on in the world today… even if it’s just for a second. That’s one of the reasons I was so excited when For Love & Lemons reached out to me about collaborating. Music brings the world together when we need it the most, and if my song has the ability to make someone’s day even just a little brighter, I feel like I’m living out my purpose and doing good work.


Last song you listened to?

The last song I listened to was “Lightning Strikes” by Lou Christie… it’s an oldie:)


How do you wear your FL&L?

I wear my For Love & Lemons with confidence and authenticity …and with my signature white boots of course:)