Design and Sustainability

We take pride in our clothes and believe every detail counts. Right from the start of dreaming up our designs, we work to find ways to perfect each aspect of the garment to make it something truly special.

The Design Process

We want to give you a peek into our process- from inspiration to sketch to the final product arriving at your door. We're so excited to share our journey with you!

Every season starts with a spark of inspiration - travel, art, life milestones or a vintage piece can inspire the idea for the collection. From there, we start our research and pull more inspiration around that idea, all along the way uncovering new elements we can weave into the designs. And being visual people, we find that moodboards are our best friends so we get pinning right away and watch the boards grow and evolve over the course of the design process.

After narrowing our focus, fabrics come first. We feel them, drape them, see how they curve to our bodies. This ensures a figure flattering fit and wearable design. Then, once we know the fabric quality, we create the artwork. We strive to create our own artwork so everything is unique to For Love & Lemons, therefore, all of the designs seen in our prints, laces and trims are dreamt up right here in our studio. We hand sketch it and transfer it to our computers so we can play with it some more until we decide on a final design. Then we send the artwork off to the printers!

Knowing the inspiration, fabrics and artwork we have to work with is key when we start sketching. Then the fun part starts, we put music on and get lost in sketching. A few tweaks and iterations later, we hand off our favorite designs to our team of talented pattern makers.

We walk our pattern makers through the details of our vision and let them get to work. All completed in house, the patterns are meticulously measured and draped to match the sketch. Our pattern makers never cease to amaze us with their ability to make even the most intricate, complex designs come to life.

The pattern makers then hand off their work to our sewers and they assemble the first fit sample. We make a few adjustments in our fittings and we also have a few girls in the office try it on to make sure it complements all of our body types. Then the pattern makers and sewers are able move onto final samples. Each piece varies in intricacy so a sample could move directly into its final stages after the first fit or it could be worked on for weeks until we get it just right!

Once we finish sewing the entire collection, we call on our amazing photoshoot team to help complete our vision. We typically have the idea for our photoshoot in mind as we are pulling inspiration and designing so it’s surreal to see our vision materialize a few months later. We also usually have a model in mind early in the process, as we’re strong believers that the model is the muse. Yet despite all the planning, we seemingly always end up with last minute changes, which keeps it interesting and fresh!

It’s off to production! Our products are manufactured in China because our factory there has more advanced technology and machinery that execute our designs better. Take a peek into our very own For Love & Lemons factory in China here - we conduct routine check ups to ensure it meets our high standards for factory safety and employee care. If you have any questions about our factory, send us an e-mail!

Then we share all of our hard work with you! Once we receive your orders, we ship out each garment with love and care and cross our fingers we get to see you wearing our designs!


Although we aren't 100% sustainable yet, we're making an effort every day to operate our business and produce our clothing in a more earth-forward way.<