Enough is Enough.


We have been trying to wrap our heads around how to best respond, as we wanted it to be meaningful. We acknowledge the privilege and power we have with the platform of this brand and know that it is only right that we use it to bring awareness and share educational information and resources in ways that help people take action. It is our human duty to stand for what is right. It is our human duty to speak out against injustices, to have compassion, to listen and learn, to raise our voices, to support the Black community, and to do better. George Floyd didn't have to lose his life. Ahmaud Arbery didn't have to lose his life. Breonna Taylor didn't have to lose her life. What has been done to these humans, and the countless others throughout history is senseless and wrong. 


Enough is enough. And it's time for actual change, we must do better so we can teach our future generations to be better. We as a company must own up to our responsibilities to make a change, to stand for what is right. We are committed to do so, to do more, to be better.

In 2020, we raised approximately $90,000 in sales, 100% of which we donated to the following organizations: Black Lives Matter, The Bail ProjectACLU and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.    


Organizations Our Followers Can Donate To: