We Are FL&L

We are a female-founded, 100% woman-led team of collaborative dreamers who value innovation, curiosity and free-thinking fearlessness in everything that we do. We take immeasurable pride in our work, intentionally stitching love into the very fiber and fabric of our designs. We are small, but we are a mighty group of talented individuals dedicated to bringing you otherworldly designs with imagery to match.

Meet the Team


Gillian K.
Co-founder/Creative Director
Being the Creative Director I get to express my creativity every day amongst an inspiring team of people. From designing a new collection to conceptualizing photoshoot campaigns to brainstorming unique marketing ideas with team members to sitting in fit rooms and watching the garments come to life. There is never a dull moment.
Laura H.
Co-founder/Operations Director
I have the two best jobs in the world, being a mom and my role at FL&L!

Marketing & E-commerce

Simone G.
Brand Director
I develop and maintain the overall brand strategy. Just call me the Vibe Director. On my 41st birthday trip to Jamaica, I met Grace Jones and danced arm in arm with her all night.
Katy R.
E-Commerce and Digital Strategy Director
All things on-site and digital; my focus is to constantly evolve the on-site experience, digital footprint, and customer journey on the FL&L website and beyond.
Hannah B.
E-Commerce Merchandiser
I work within our website team; merchandising our selection as well as curating the styles that we put online. I love my job because it's always changing and I love learning about our customers and what she loves. I love our team!
Lindsay R.
Brand Partnerships Manager
My favorite thing about my job is that I get to meet and communicate with so many interesting and new people everyday! When I'm not at the FL&L HQ, I enjoy live music, yoga and hoarding skincare & beauty products!
Abril M.
E-commerce Customer Experience
My two favorite things about working at FL&L is helping people find something that makes them feel beautiful inside and out... and all the cute doggies in the office!
Aria D.
Marketing Assistant
I help all aspects of the marketing team from creative content to public relations. What I love about working at FL&L is being able to work with a team that has a great balance of hard work and humor! Fun fact about me: I'm a purple belt in jiu-jitsu. ;)
Quan M.
Multimedia Graphic Designer
I'm a multimedia creative designer telling stories through graphic design, art direction, videography, and travel photo journalism. Fun fact: I'm a scorpio!
Louisa M.
Content Creator
Chances are if you head to the FL&L instagram page I'm the one behind the flat lay, headless photo and goofy try-on video. Content is not just my job but a passion I've been perfecting since I was introduced to a camera!

Design & Production

Naomi G.
Design Director
I will never get over the joy I feel when I see women wearing our clothes out and about or seeing them tagged on social media ❤️. It's why I am so passionate about my career.
Ashley G.
Fashion Director
My job is to work with the design team to set the tone for each collection. I then work with them to determine fabrications, prints, and bodies for the season as well as provide creative direction for our photos shoots and style them.
Cass C.
My job is to make sure girls have something cute to wear to brunch, at the beach, and in the bedroom 😉 My favorite part about my job is the creative freedom I have, working with an amazing team and beautiful fabrics inspire me every day.
Heather M.
Production Coordinator
My job is to take each collection from sketch to sample and then multiply the sample line for each of our showrooms. I love spending Saturday mornings getting coffee with my fiancé and taking our pup SQRL to the dog park.
Stefanie Y.
Senior Technical Designer
I work with the design team to perfect the fit, construction, and drape of the garment. I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.
Hilary G.
Senior Technical Designer, Bra/Swim Specialist
I'm part of the awesome team that helps to bring our incredible designer's ideas to life. I love being outdoors and hiking with my dog.
Monica Z.
Assistant Technical Designer
I have pursued and studied my love of fashion my entire life, and now, as a technical designer, I work closely with the design team to make sure their vision comes to life and fits every body perfectly.
Haylee B.
Pattern Maker
I help bring designs to life by patterning and draping pretty things all day. I usually have a camera or sketchbook in my backpack and enjoy documenting life with photos and paintings.
Annie Z.
Pattern Maker
I develop the patterns, create the sewing instructions, and alter the pattern after fitting it on a live model. I love drinking pressed green juice and doing yoga.
Mary M.
Sample Maker
I like FL&L because my coworkers are kind, understanding, even if I don't know English well! We all get along and understand each other, I love it!
Jorge C.
Sample Maker
I like being a sample maker, especially working on intricate FL&L styles because I learn more and it helps me to gain more experience.
Maria Elena R.
Sample Maker
The love of my work has brought me MUCH satisfaction and I have met incredible people! I love what I do! Just as I love my family!
Elva R.
Sample Maker
I love my work, it is fun for me because it is like a puzzle. Each sample that I put together is different and I am pleased when I finish it.


Miae J.
I am a very detail-oriented person, and very good with numbers. Outside of work, I LOVE woodworking, hiking, giggling, eating, and my dog Emma.
Alice Y.
Staff Accountant
I am one of the two accounting staff on the team. When I am not working on excel, I enjoy daydreaming about my next adventures :)
Ellie F.
Staff Accountant
I am a staff accountant at For Love & Lemons, specializing in taxes. Before I got into accounting, I studied English and history. I love to read, and my favorite book I’ve read this year is Ocean Vuong's On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous.

Wholesale & Operations

Ashley M.
Wholesale Sales Manager
My job is to assist the outside sales teams and international distributors in reaching sales targets, as well as to coordinate production, inventory, and order fulfillment for wholesale accounts. As well as being the in-house children’s wear sales representative for Lil Lemons. I love to travel, experience new cultures, and be outdoors. 
Charmaine L.
Operations Assistant
I support all of our departments to ultimately ensure all of the wholesale orders are fulfilled correctly and on time! Currently listening to: Burna Boy, My favorite pizza is from: Crossroads Kitchen.
Ivan S.
Office/Administrator Manager
My job is to keep the office running smoothly! You'll find me ordering supplies, running errands, doing deliveries, shopping for materials, cleaning up the office, typing memos, painting, and many other things! I'm kind of a jack-of-all-trades! I love to spend time with my friends and of course my 3 cats and husband!

Dog Department

Favorite Human Snack: Anything that falls from his brother's highchair

Favorite Toy: a tug of war rope

Loves: being as close as possible to his mom!

Office Behavior: He barks at any newcomers, but warms up as soon as he gets a little love.
Favorite Human Snack: everything -_-

Favorite Toy: stuffed t-rex

Loves: cuddling

Office Behavior: crumb hunter in the kitchen, but otherwise follows me everywhere.
Favorite Human Snack: We just discovered his love for watermelon! 🍉

Favorite Toy: Any stuffed animal that he can chew the ears off. Currently, a stuffed pug that is almost the size of him!

Loves: Snuggles and snoring as loud as he can :)

Office Behavior: You can find him roaming around underneath everyone's desks to get pets, sunbathing, and hiding under the dress racks.
Vince Cameron
Favorite Human Snack: Not allowed human snacks- humans are too big and indigestible.

Favorite Toy: His pink unicorn stuffy, or his teddy bear, or monkey, or his treat holding toys, or my arm.

Loves: long walks and runs and lots of snuggles and mom's home-cooked doggie meals.

Office Behavior: Vince loves being part of the For Love and Lemons family! He's mellow and quiet except when he's a little frightened by the big dogs.
Favorite Human Snack: Peanut Butter

Favorite Toy: A rogue sock

Loves: to cuddle!

Office Behavior: Looking for every opportunity to give kisses to people as they pass by

Favorite Human Snack: Green beans, she's a FREAK for them.

Favorite Toy: We have a large collection of Llama toys, she always likes them best.

Loves: wrestling with her brother Wilson and outdoor adventures.

Office Behavior: She's mostly a WFH dog but when she does come into the office she usually sleeps on the job. 
Favorite Human Snack: Kimchi

Favorite Toy: Tennis Ball

Loves: Hiking!

Office Behavior: Playful