Inside our Factories

We produce all of our Ready-to-Wear, Knitwear, Swim and a portion of our Lingerie garments in our dedicated factory in Suzhou, China. It's held to rigorous standards to ensure that it’s clean, operates efficiently and provides its employees with fair wages and a great work environment.

We have never and will never use sweatshops.

About our Dedicated Factory

The factory was established in 2010, but in 2017 the owner, decided to move the growing operation into a brand new space. While the previous factory was held to the same high standards of safety and good working conditions, the new factory offers even more space, light and amenities for its employees.

The owner is extremely progressive in his approach to running a factory. His factory is approved by the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), an initiative established by the Federal Trade Organization (FTA) for companies who wish to improve their social compliance. The BSCI is a standardized code of conduct with 11 categories that range from workplace health and safety to compensation to environmental and safety issues. Victor achieved his BSCI-approved factory by electing to have an audit done by Accredium Global Compliance Services (AGCS), an independent auditing company. AGCS ensured all standards of the BSCI were met. For the complete BSCI Code of Conduct, click here!

Why We Opt for China

We thoroughly vetted our factory because we care about the people making our clothes. We strongly believe we have found the perfect factory that offers a safe, fulfilling work environment for its employees. We also opt for producing in China because we have found that it offers more advanced technology options that can produce the highly intricate design features (hand-drawn embroideries, appliqués, custom lace engineering) that we want to incorporate into our collections.  


For more information about office and employee life at the factory click here!

#FLLforVS & Bennett and Company

We now also work with Bennett and Company in order to meet the demand for our collaboration with Victoria's Secret. They are committed to their global mission to design and manufacture garments in their wholly-owned Guangzhou manufacturing facility while being socially and environmentally responsible. They operate globally with compassion guided by conscience, honor and respect their team and have created a global organization where people are happy to work. They expect no less from our raw material partners, and only work with fabric, lace and trim factories that uphold the same environmental and humanitarian and social values that they do. 


For more information on their social and environmental responsibility click here or visit their website.