At For Love & Lemons

At For Love & Lemons, we value and support diversity, and we are committed to fostering an inclusive, welcoming workplace culture. Racism and discrimination have no place at For Love & Lemons. Working to be an anti-racist organization is a continuous effort, and we will always strive to do better.


We will continue to take steps to:

- diversify our internal team

- donate to organizations that support the anti-racist movement by matching employee donations

- educate and train ourselves and our employees on anti-racist and unconscious bias business practices in the fashion industry; and

- elevate the many Black voices and creatives within our community and beyond. 


We are evolving, and we promise to demonstrate what we stand for with our actions and be transparent along the way.  

This includes incorporating and supporting more inspiring Black women as well as women from other underrepresented communities across our social platforms, marketing campaigns, influencer outreach, brand partnerships, and within our own staff.  

Diversifying Our Team

We are proud that we are a female-run company. Our leadership team is composed entirely of women however, we recognize that our team can be more diverse in other ways.


Below is a breakdown of the ethnic backgrounds of our 29-person team: 

1 - African Caribbean (3%)

1 - Pacific Islander (3%)

7 - Asian (24%)

7 - Hispanic (24%)

13 - White (45%)


We are currently in a hiring freeze due to the negative impact the global pandemic COVID-19 has had on our business. Once this freeze is lifted, we will take proactive steps to recruit and hire more Black, Indigenous and people of color. We are an equal opportunity employer.


Meet Our Team Here

Social Impact Donations

2020 Donations:

NAACP Legal Defense - $45,000

Black Lives Matter - $30,500

The Bail Project - $10,000

ACLU -$5,000

In 2021, we implemented Round Up for Charity in our checkout, to create an opportunity for customers to get involved. For more information, checkout our FL&L Gives Back page. Additionally, we have also launched a year-round donation matching gift program for our employees. This initiative is a way for us to continue to encourage our employees participation and enable us to support our employees.

We also make monetary and clothing donations to: 

Dress for Success

Baby 2 Baby


Education & Training

We have the responsibility to help educate our employees about racial justice and equality. We will provide resources and training to all employees to fosteran anti-racist culture and hold space for discussions in the workplace. 

We have scheduled workshops for our entire team and leadership team. The team workshops focus on creating a culture of inclusivity and include sessions on Sensitivity in the Workplace, Unconscious Bias, and Diversity & Inclusion.

We, the founders, will be taking a deeper course that encompasses Diversity, Sensitivity & Inclusion and Designing your Culture. After these training sessions, we will launch a diversity and inclusion group to listen, learn, and work together as a team to achieve our goals as a company.

Elevate BIPOC/LGBTQIA2S+ Voices

We have launched a new FL&L Action Page dedicated to providing helpful information about the cause and actionable steps to take to support the movement. You will find a comprehensive list of resources, educational materials and educational materials.


In addition to the FL&L Action Page, we are dedicated to diversifying the creatives and models we work with for both campaigns and in-studio photo shoots. We want our editorial and social content to be equally reflective of our beautiful and diverse community from planning to creation. 


This includes but is not limited to:


- Models

- Hair Stylists

- Makeup Artists

- Photographers

- Videographers

- Stylists

- Content Creators


To submit your work for any of the creative positions above, please visit our Careers Page.


This is just the start.  We have been reading comments from our social community as well as listening to our employees, which has given us a better understanding of where the work needs to be done. Thank you for your support as we continue to listen, learn, and improve.